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Filtered Property Exports

Wednesday 22nd May 2013

Property exports now support optional filtering, allowing you to export a select set of properties to Property Portals and Partners.

The filters available include locations, property types, min beds, price range and tags with options to order by created date, updated date or price.

Feeds start at just £2.50 per month for up to 500 properties and are initially available in Advance Agent and Kyero formats.

These feeds are updated every night at 23:00 UTC to ensure that your feed recipients are always kept up to date.

To setup an export, click the "Settings" tab, browse down to the "Collaboration" heading and click "Property Exports" then click the "New Export" button.

Automatic Export to Rightmove Overseas

Wednesday 9th April 2014

Advance Agent can now export properties directly to Rightmove Overseas! With full support for the Rightmove BLM v3 format we can create an export and transfer your properties directly to Rightmove’s servers each night to keep your Rightmove account updated automatically.


To control the properties that are exported to Rightmove we recommend defining a set of filters (e.g. Properties in Alicante over €100k) or selecting individual properties for export by tagging properties with "rightmove” and setting the filter to export only properties with that tag.

Please note any existing properties that you have on Rightmove will be removed once you switch to updating via an automatic feed.


An advertising account with Rightmove Overseas is required, please contact Rightmove Overseas for pricing.


The Rightmove Overseas logo is a trademark of Rightmove PLC.

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