Powerful and Flexible customer relationship management for your applicants.

Lead Progression

Progress your applicants from New lead to Sale, instantly see how many applicants you have at which stage and who is assigned to deal with them, and when they were last contacted.

Property Requirements

Record multiple sets of property requirements, storing minimum bedrooms, price range, locations and property types that meet the applicants needs.

Applicant Match

Produce a list of properties matching the applicants requirements in a single click, shortlist the ones that you feel best suit the applicant and send a branded email with links to further details on your website, or subscribe the applicant to emails and they will receive an email weekly with new properties!

Powerful Search

Find applicants by name, telephone, email, property requirements, staff assignment, sales stage, last contact time, language and more.

Tasks, Appointments and Notes

See all previous and upcoming tasks and appointments on an Applicant record so you know exactly what’s going on at any time.

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