Fully featured property database

Easy upload

Define the property particulars, enter a summary and description, drag the photos onto the page an go get a coffee while Advance Agent saves your property, optimises your photos and uploads them for you. Once loaded the property will be instantly available on your website, automatically queued for sync with portals and emailed to matched applicants!

Unlimited photos, plans and brochures

No restrictions, upload as many photos as you want to dazzle your clients.


Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish… Properties will be available in any languages your customers speak.

Automatic currency conversion

We keep up to date daily with currency exchange rates, so you can display properties in whatever currency is relevant to your customer.


Show a tour of the property of the general area using our Youtube and Vimeo integrations.

Customise to suit your needs

We take care of all the basic fields, but if you want to store more information both internally or publicly about a property, you can easily add extra fields for whatever you may want to store, even files.

Applicant match

Every Wednesday Advance Agent will send automatic branded emails to your applicants with details on any properties matching their requirements that were added in the past week, with links to more details on your website.

Automatic sync with property portals

Each night Advance Agent will compile export data for all of your current properties and make them available to and portals that you may subscribe to, don’t waste time manually keeping portals up to date ever again.

Full sales cycle

Not just for showing properties on your site, record offers, accept them to create sales and then progress your sale through to completion, leaving you with a full sales record and management over the entire process.

Instantly available on your website

When you add a property to Advance Agent it is available on your website instantly, no waiting until the next day or manually pushing data – you’re ready to start taking enquiries immediately.

Property detail pages

With 1 click you can generate a branded, printable A4 page featuring details on a property to hand to a client or put in the office window.


Shortlist several properties for a client then export them to a branded email or printable branded PDF – great for the personal touch.

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